Handling the realities of our pandemic times

During our pandemic times,

Wedding Trends

Rev Crystal of Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants

As your officiant, I practice social distance as recommended by our national health team from the NIH. 

I encourage you to make the safest choice regarding what you will do with your guests.

Masks may not be pretty but they are part of today’s reality, and during your ceremony I don’t wear a face covering. Before and after, I do.

You’ll exchange rings in a new way for me, but it’s so nice I’ll be keeping this new option even after we’ve got the all clear.

These pandemic times  require extra precautions above and beyond the normal process of course. So one more thing I will provide is around pens. Yes, pens!

  • You’ll have a separate pen
  • As will your witnesses
  • So will I in order to sign your marriage license.

I won’t be staying for any receptions but this isn’t unusual. I’m here to help and advise so we can devise a process that works for us all.

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