This is a guest post by Mark Wilcox. He’s the founder of Wedding which helps brides reduce their stress by providing simple and clear wedding planning information.


Donald Trump and the Republican party are not getting along. In the most recent debate, they were discussing the size of body parts. The ones you’re not supposed to talk about in polite company. On national TV. And this isn’t a reality TV show crazy competition but the presidential election. And Trump is running for the Republican nomination.

I bring this up because when a political party nominates a candidate, they are getting married to each other. For better or for worse. And unlike a marriage, divorce is impossible. While I’m not going to talk about who to vote for president here, this tension highlights the problem nobody talks about when getting married.

The inter-personal issues

Everyone knows they’re so many details to track in a wedding. From choosing a dress, to renting the venue and planning the honeymoon. Yet, the most important detail people should be focusing on is themselves. This is hard. In particular for couples who are planning to be married. Because they are so much in love, they can’t see anything but happiness ahead. But there are many things that can truly derail a wedding and a marriage is present. And need to be dealt with.

Let’s look at a pop culture example. The Real Housewives of Atlanta TV show tracked Kandi Burress and Todd Tucker’s engagement and wedding over a couple of seasons. This provided a great deal of drama because of the tension caused by Kandi’s mother. Who seemed to cause trouble for Kandi and Todd every week. Including insulting not only Todd but Todd’s mother too.

If this had been a traditional soap-opera you would have thought it was over the top. But it was real life. And you constantly felt for the couple.

While most people won’t have that level of drama in their wedding preparation, feelings of others must be kept in mind.

I Got Ordered

I experienced these types of issues first-hand. When my sister got married, she planned a lavish wedding. At least compared to mine. And out of the blue, I got ordered. Not asked, ordered, to wear a tux so I could read some Bible verses in the ceremony.

I know for most people this doesn’t sound like a big deal. Yet for me it was. I’m not close with my sister. We fought like cats and dogs as kids. In college, we lived across the street from each other and still didn’t see each other. Except during weekly on-campus church. And I had never worn a tux. So I didn’t take kindly to being ordered into doing something I didn’t want to do.

A friend finally told me to just shut-up and do it. Which I did. But let me be candid – it still rubs a raw nerve just to write this. And this leads me to tell you that you need a professional wedding officiant such as Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants. This is because Reverend Crystal is not going to simply show up and say “You’re married.”

Professional Wedding Officiant

Reverend Crystal is going to talk with you. Get to know you. Help you make sure you have found the one. And help direct you if you need further help in working through anything. Reverend Crystal is not a therapist but by working with you ahead of time, can help reduce the chances of unresolved personal issues ruining the big day.

I hope you have an amazing wedding and an even better life ever after.