When cell phones first came out, I didn’t want to invest in one. Those polycarbonate flippers were a long leash, never giving me a break from being contacted. The “oh, that’s what I forgot” and then undertaking it in the line at the grocery store would never give me a break from being a human doing.


Amazing Smart Phones

Fast forward ten plus years. These days I can’t live without my smart phone. You too? Our calendars, emails, weather, camera, calculator, GPS – are all in our phones. Plus most of them fit in our pocket! Amazing!

Not only do I now have a wireless device, I would rather battle with auto-correct as I text. Rather this than opening up my laptop and working on email with a full keyboard. Efficiency is my constant M. O. Near instant access to answers is relief from uncertainty.

Mobile Friendly

So when wedding authorities assured me that my website had to be mobile friendly, I called the company that hosts my website. And I contacted the folks that helped me install the theme that makes Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants website look pretty dang good. The cost to make it mobile-friendly was as much as buying the latest iPhone. Again I didn’t want to invest in getting the professional support I needed.

But — I could install a free plug-in that would convey the basics of my website on a mobile device. What did I have to lose?

Broken Links, Broken Impact

Fast forward a year. During this past year I have had a constant stream of broken links. Different devices show different parts of the homepage. Few get to see the great portfolio photos or sliders. The dimming capacities are lost. On a mobile device, a visitor just doesn’t get the impact of how great my services are.

Plus it’s slow to load. Truth: I am not the only person whose M. O. is efficiency. So how many great couples have passed on finding out who I am because of slow loading?

Cheap is More Expensive

Moral: it doesn’t pay to be cheap. Low-budget is more expensive in the long-run. Do you know how aggravating and time-consuming it is to get ANOTHER broken link notice? To not get the opportunity to help a new couple have a fabulous wedding and marriage?

Cheap teaches us to settle. We learn not to trust benevolent Universal Forces to give us the ideas and resources we need to have what we need and want. To make life better. Most of the time, make life easier.

So I learned an expensive lesson. Value myself and what I do and who I am becoming. Honor my time and energy enough to invest in getting an expert help me do what he or she does best. The attitude of cheap has kept me in lack and busy-ness for YEARS. DECADES.

Love Makes the World Better

I want to do what I do best: create and deliver meaningful, extraordinary wedding ceremonies to fabulous couples. And I have re-entered the scene of preparing couples for marriage and supporting them on their journey to knowing love wants to become more through and as them. This is how their love changes the world for the better.

Gives them a life that’s more amazing than they could ever imagine possible.

This is much more fun than working a minimum wage job or spending my time tweaking what I know would take a professional half an hour to do.

The word I am incorporating into my vocabulary is investment. I am removing spending and too expensive from my terminology. I invest in life now.

When I invest time with my 93-year old mother or my pack it pays off in heart-warming companionship. I’m happier. That’s a valuable asset to have. Time used researching communication skills or competence in time management is too. And absolutely, cooking the food I love to eat in ways that make me healthy and strong is a much greater investment than eating at a fast food restaurant.

Bottom line — I am investing in professionals who are making my website efficient and mobile friendly. The process will be finished within the next 30 days.

Does this also mean I have gone out and bought the aqua Four Winns boat I lust for? Or have had my bathroom remodeled? Not yet. But they are on my list and rising to the top sooner than later.

Before the concept of investment came into my life, I wouldn’t have believed the boat or remodel had a chance of coming into my life unless a long lost relative died and left me a fortune.

Because of meditation, acceptance and letting go of anxiety, I feel connected to my True Spirit. Not all the time, but a lot. I am listening to Her yeses instead of the fears of lack consciousness. I am willing to invest my time in making this connection more and more solid EVERY day.

What Are You Going to Invest In?

Does this mean you order those expensive invitations for your wedding? Maybe. Do you go to Costa Rica for your honeymoon instead of taking a staycation? Maybe. Does it mean you invest in my marriage preparation or relationship enrichment programs? Could these be the best things you have done for yourself?

The Questions to Ask

I invite you to reflect (either through meditation or taking a nice long break) on where you stop yourself from getting the support you need based on expense. Where you are stopping yourself, your gut feels like a heavy ball.  You are probably sweating somewhere! Ask yourself, “Is this opportunity in my life so I can become a more fulfilled person?” “Will engaging in this (fill in the blank) give us a greater sense of wisdom, safety and confidence?” “Can we have more fun because of this?” “Is this an idea my Trust Spirit has given me of what’s good? Or am I just being successfully marketed?” “If not now, when? What will happen between now and when I think I can?”

Ask yourself and your fiancé these questions. Listen for the answer. Your answers are subtle. They come in calmness, and are never accompanied by anxiety. If you are always anxious like I was, ask for anxiety to dissipate so you can hear. Then say yes to your investment. Take a chance. Investments pay off in the long run. Spending is never done. Anxiety loses cell-phones.

Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can or can’t, you are right.” Start investing in Invest in believing you canyourself, your family, your peace of mind now. We are all in this together, this circle of life and love. The Universe has your back and brings you together with the connections you need. Your True Spirit gave you brains, a heart and smart phones! All of them are more than worth the investment.