It’s the Little Things

.wedding ringsTraditional wedding or with contemporary simplicity, couples still value the little things that infuse their wedding day with meaning.


Take the lovely tradition of incorporating “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe” to your wedding gown or suit. Each has it’s own special meaning meant to add importance and good luck for a long life together. 

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Many brides and grooms I’ve officiated for have somehow woven each of these items into their wedding regardless of how avante guard they may be. In our very heart we know it’s the little things that we remember. 


My 30+ years of experience time and again remind me it’s the little things that have the most meaning for my couples. Whether it’s the four-year old flower girl who didn’t throw out any rose petals, to the bride or groom’s deceased parent’s photo strung around her bouquet or pinned to the inside of his lapel, these are a few of the little things that hold meaning for decades to come. It’s these small elements you remember and that bring a smile to your face.

Something Old

Someone in your family may have something old you can stitch into the hem of your clothes, or place into your bouquet. It can also be a piece of jewelry that’s been passed down in your family. Now it comes to you!

Something New

This one is relatively easy. Your gown or tux can be considered new for sure. Are your earrings new? Your shoes? How about those crazy socks all the groomsmen are wearing to match yours?

Something Borrowed

This tradition (or you can call it a superstition) is supposed to be transferring the success of someone else’s marriage into yours. You can use someone’s handkerchief they kept on hand to dab at their own tears during their ceremony, or a sash, even a barrette in your hair. What about borrowing a poem or part of a friend or family member’s own vows as part of your own? This little thing will count too!

Something Blue

Even a blue ribbon sewn into the inseam of your clothing or a blue flower in your bouquet or boutonniere is a little thing you do that will bring back memories every time you think of it in the future.

Beyond the Little Things

Beyond the little things you do, however you choose to do them, is making sure you take each other aside to note  what you’re feeling and what you’re doing as you celebrate on your wedding day. Many if not most couples report that their wedding day was a blur. By taking five minutes together away from your guests to experience the present moment together is a little thing that’s not a “thing” but a state of being. This private time together is a little thing you can do that will pay big dividends in your memory as time passes by.  


What you will value the most

While you make your big plans for your wedding day, it truly is the little things that you will remember and value most. Perfection is not the goal. Meaning is! Tell your officiant what a few of these small but meaningful touches are helps us make your ceremony uniquely yours.


We’d love the chance to officiant for you in 2024 and make your ceremony personal to you. We have the experience to professionally communicate the little things whether old, new, borrowed, or blue. Contact us to request information by clicking this link: Contact us

Here’s to tradition made new! All the best

Rev Crystal


Northern MIchigan Wedding Officiant

Rev Crystal


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