Who knew there would be all those little things to manage in putting together your wedding? Hopefully, taking care of so many details is slowing down for you. Your wedding plans have more than likely come together. If not, you are probably very close to having things settled. Putting your wedding together has been a priority. You can congratulate yourselves on getting so much accomplished.

Your wedding is bound to bring you and your guests so much joy!

Soon it will be time to wonder what’s next. Life goes on. For most of you, careers are still to be built. Children conceived and  raised. Travels to take. Friends to make. And on and on…. The future before you is really quite exciting to imagine.

Pretty soon you are going to be really busy again. Will you busy taking care of priorities or getting sucked into the to-do list? What’s the difference between the two?

A Priority versus Two To-Do’s

This morning my little dog Reece wants me to let him out at 3:00 a.m. I know I will have to get up in another few hours. Work at my part-time job starts at 7:20. I have to get up at 5:00 so I can have my meditation time and journaling. Then time to polish my face up and put on my work duds. But I can’t get back to sleep. I decide to get an early start on my priorities list which includes writing this blog.

I look out at my glorious flower-filled from the kitchen window. The dead daisies, their brown heads bobbing next to the bright white new daisies bugs me even at this hour. But I literally force myself to turn away because I can get lost in my garden so easily. Pruning has to wait. It’s not on my priorities list. It is on my to-do list.

The wet bedspread from last night’s laundry is still on the clothesline to dry. Now it’s damp with midnight dew. Again I stop myself from taking it off the line. I do not proceed to the dryer in the basement. It’s added to my to do list. It’s not a priority.

An Immediate Difference, Really?

Why? These two simple things seem easy to do, one may be even a tad urgent. But neither of them will make an immediate difference in what I am building in my life.

What is important? Priorities like putting this article together for you, researching links, and getting it out to you as promised on Monday is. My couples and my promises are important to me. I want to be known for doing what I say I am going to do.

And here we are.

Onward to Building Your New Day to Day Life

As you and your partner get ready for the days AFTER your wedding, and building your new life, decide now to set your priorities based on what’s really important. There are always things that seem important. Daisies are important. Having that long phone conversation about nothing with someone who can go on and on and on seems necessary. But do they contribute to building the shared life you want to have? Can they wait until what matters most is completed?

I loved what Maria Brilaki, best selling author, had to say in her blog for Little Buddha, Live a Life You Love. I think she will give you a few ideas to consider in setting priorities.

For learning to build an effective life, a good life, a life you love is Stephen Covey’s classic book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This is the link to to buy the book. Or check it out from your library.

I believe that we can do, be and have whatever we want in life. But we have to be focused in a joyful way.

Not nose to the grindstone focused, but eager for what is coming because the choices we are making have a purpose. They ultimately bring us greater joy. We are not subject to the whims of others, only if we let ourself be “whimmed.” Or sucked into bottomless  to do list. Believe me, the to do list is NEVER done.

We must be led by our priorities and not our to-do list.


Life is good. And you are wonderful. Create a wonderful life by setting your priorities based on joy and purpose. It will come together in divine right timing for you.

And now I can go prune the daisies.

Lots of love and appreciation for you,

Rev Crystal