Eloping was good enough for Mark and Kelly in Las VegasEloping was good enough for Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Why couldn’t it be good enough for you?

Las Vegas Chapel

In 1995 Kelly and Mark met when they were co-starring together in the sitcom, All My Children. When Mark proposed the following April, Kelly said “yes”, but she wanted to get married the next day, and they did—in a Las Vegas chapel.

 Today they’re still married with three grown children.

So, why couldn’t you and your fiancé elope if you wanted to?

No reason, whatsoever!

Experience Counts

Crystal Yarlott has officiated over 500 weddings in the Traverse City area.

During the nine years Judy and I lived on Maui, in Hawaii, we officiated literally thousands—more than fifteen hundred for Judy, thirty-six hundred for me—of ceremonies for couples who just wanted to escape the trials and tribulations of planning huge, expensive, mind-blowing weddings that consumed hundreds of hours of their time—not to mention their money.

Eloping was good enough for these thousands of people — why not you????

Since 2000 we’re here in Boyne City still enjoying the time we spend with couples we have the privilege of marrying.

The Hawaii Connection

The Maui couples boarded their planes in Detroit, or Santa Fe or Minneapolis and flew off to this tropical paradise to exchange vows on a beach or a little chapel or at the base of a three-hundred foot waterfall.

Sometimes they’d bring a few friends with them. Often it was just the two of them.

It was their time—just theirs.

You’re thinking now of tying the knot now, aren’t you? But without all the fuss and expense of a big wedding?

Well, the great thing is: YOU CAN.

And without going to Hawaii.

Right here in Northern MichiganLWE Secret Garden, Fire Garden, Iris Farm

Because that beach, that little chapel—okay, not the three-hundred foot waterfall—are all right here, too, along with myriad other venues equally as beautiful, affordable, and accessible, like a botanical garden, a castle, a historic barn, the 17th floor of the Grand Traverse Resort, the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, and others, some as low as $500.00 that covers all expenses including the officiant.

So, why should you consider eloping? Aside from the fact that eloping was good enough for Mark and Kelly so they did it?

Save Money. Easy. Less Stress. Your Time.

Money. As mentioned above, some packages as low as $500. None more than $650*!

Ease. We handle the arrangements for you.

Stress. As I just said, we handle the arrangements for you.

Time. Okay, this is getting monotonous—we handle the arrangements for you.

And, here’s the thing: you can still bring some friends, or family, with you, up to ten. But it’s not going to be a big extravaganza like you’d have back home. It’s going to be intimate, fun, easy and—inexpensive.

So, here’s your opportunity to have that kind of wedding.

Whether it’s actually an elopement or not.

Eloping was good enough for so many couples! Why not you?

Ken Grimes, married to LWEE Officiant, Judy 🙂 😆 

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*except for the Grand Hotel