Rev Judy  ready to do small weddings

Rev Judy ready to do big AND small weddings

Lately I’ve been thinking about some of the over 5,000 big and small weddings either  my husband, Ken, or I officiated during the nine years we lived on Maui. (October, 1991 to March, 2000) Yes, we have stories about the gorgeous, unusual sites to the most interesting things that happened.

Friends suggest we should write a book. Maybe some day.

The Best Part

But the best part of these weddings was the couples we got to know and the intimacy established between them and us. We knew their stories, often the high and some of the low moments.  These special moments were about their deep love for one another and the life they were creating together.

Rather than Have a Big Affair

Sometimes they told us why they made the decision to come alone to Maui rather than have a big affair on the Mainland—complications from family or friends, health issues, and of course, money. Big weddings just became too much. 

A small wedding was the answer.

Soon as they remembered the wedding was really about the couple themselves, the answer was clear. Choose a beautiful, nurturing place; find the clergy person that fit their vision; pack their bags and go for it!

In Love with small weddings 

Now we live in another God-spot—exquisite, scenic Northern Michigan. We didn’t know we were moving to “paradise” again. Warm weather days & evenings are delightful, but now that we spend the entire year here, we are in love with the beauty and serenity of Winter.

Honored to be invited by Rev. Crystal Yarlott to join her in Little Weddings Everywhere, we have contracted with venues in the Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Boyne City areas. Most of these venues also have indoor rooms where you might marry by candle or fire light and watch the gentle snowflakes fall through the window.

This clearly is your special time for your perfect small wedding. No one and nothing will disrupt you. 

Our Invitation

Crystal, Ken and I invite you to check out Little Weddings Everywhere TC  & Little Weddings Everywhere NE.  For all four seasons, Contact Us and we’ll help you find the site that will fulfill your dreams of being a radiant couple in a warm, cozy, sacred setting.


We’re eager and honored to be part of your special small wedding in Northern Michigan!

Judy Grimes, Officiant for Little Weddings Everywhere North East

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