Can You Have a Magical Wedding Ceremony?

Magical wedding ceremony

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Can an officiant create a magical wedding ceremony?

Some couples have planned their wedding day since childhood. They imagine the dress, the rings, the tears, the kiss that seals their vows.


Then there’s the party. They see their friends and family dancing, having a great time, the taste of wonderful food, and making connections after years of separation.

All these can bring on a powerful sense of satisfaction.

IF only on the actual day those dreams come true, the couple can even remember what happened.

Enter the blur

Because for many couples their wedding day is a blur. Those years of dreaming of how amazing

enter the blur not magical ceremony

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it’ll be, the months and months of planning and taking care of details to make it happen seem wasted.

And then the day is over, passed into the realm of memories.


What can be done to bring the day into focus before it has a chance to become a blur?

It’s called a wedding ceremony run by the magician called an officiant.

Your ceremony can be magical when a magical officiant is leading it.

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She or he knows that from the moment a bride contemplates her wedding gown, to the moment the two of you are pronounced married, the couple is engaging the RITUAL of marriage.


Our job as a magical wedding officiant is to show you the power of the ritual you are invoking.

Through ritual, a deeper level of energy can be engaged that infuses the vows, touches guests’ hearts, and makes the present moment a powerful catalyst into an amazing future.

For the magic to happen, even with a great officiant, a couple needs to do a little digging and soul searching.


We’re good at fooling ourselves

Because like it or not, human beings are really good at fooling ourselves because we want what whether we have the consciousness for it or not.

consumer culture

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Look at how easily we’re marketed. Repeat a statement at least seven times and a person can believe it’s true without proof, accept its value and if it’s a product, want to buy it whether a person really wants or needs it.


This is the reality of the consumer culture we live in.


Our culture can cause us to take detours that waste previous time, resources and takes an emotional toll when we buy into something that’s not truly FOR us.


Look at the people you know who entered a profession they weren’t suited for because they were convinced it would pay the bills better than if they trusted their heart.


Like the mechanic who loves working with her hands who studied economics, or marketing. She did it because someone convinced her it was a better decision that fixing engines and brake lines. But the reality is, no one could predict that a great mechanic would be hard to come by. A committed mechanic is worth his or her weight in gold.



Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Flexibility question marksIt’s no different for a wedding. To feel the most magical ceremony on your wedding day, a couple has to ask themselves why they are doing what they’re doing.

  1. Are they going through the motions without understanding and agreeing to why those motions are taken?
  2. Do they understand the meaning behind what they’re doing
  3. Could they be getting married because they think they’re supposed to be married by a certain age?
  4. Are they afraid of being alone and so they are settling for someone who is showing red flags of questionable behavior or contradicting beliefs just so they can tell themselves they are “okay” and are safe?

It’s not easy, but it’s so much better to ask and answer these questions now than ten years down the line and you’re unhappy as hell.

I can guarantee that those who let themselves be led without question, don’t do it. Hindsight teaches us a lot, but being aware to start off with is much, much better.


Ask and answer the questions so the magic can begin

Ask the questions and answer them. Be courageous because your future depends on it.

So does the experience of magic in your ceremony.

First and foremost, something deep and meaningful happens when you chose to engage the ritual by choice. The amazing presence of Love moving through you in your ceremony depends on your openness to being present, rather than it being a price you pay to get to the party.



A true celebration that begins with a magical wedding ceremony

magical wedding

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The wedding day that is a true celebration, full of joy and hope and love begins with a ceremony that touches hearts. It’s magical! A ceremony is more than something you’re supposed to do.  This experience comes from understanding and embracing the ritual of marriage as the rite of passage it is. The magical wedding ceremony begins the day your dreams come true.


A magical wedding ceremony begins with an officiant who understands ritual, is not about making you do or say anything that’s not true for you, and honors the power of the love you’ve found to make the world a better place.

Contact me. Let me help you find the magic that will follow you through all of the changes in your lives together.  

Happy always for you!

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Crystal Yarlott, Professional Officiant, Magical by nature



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