MFT’s Bring Matter from Mind

MFT’s  — My Favorite Things 

Thanks to Julie Andrews bright voice in The Sound of Music and Richard Rodgers · Lyricist(s) and Oscar Hammerstein II who wrote the song, My Favorite Things (MFT), we have a very happy little ditty to remind us of what we love in our life.

Even though it’s one of those songs that can get on an endless repeat, its lilting journey over and over doesn’t really bother me. Wouldn’t you rather listen to “MFT” than the jingle to that personal injury lawyer commercial?

Because I know that whatever I repeat in my mind comes to matter. So best to focus on my favorite things not upsets. So here’s three of MFT podcasts and apps because they may help you bring matter from your uplifted mind too.

Meditation Makes a Huge Impact on Matter

The first great gift to me was from my life coach.

Do you remember the movie, What the Bleep $#*&% Do We Know? I mentioned it in an earlier email because it remains an all time great production. In it, Dr. Joe Dispenza talked about how we really can decide how our day is going to unfold. He learned how to marshal the power of our mind to affect matter after healing his body from being severely smashed in a car accident.

Life Changing

Back to my life coach. At the end of a session she mentioned a few of her clients were having a lot of luck with a meditation app created by Dr. Joe. He created it in conjunction with is book, You Are the Placebo*.

The meditation app, is “app-ly” named  You Are the Placebo. This app contains without a doubt the most powerful meditation process I’ve ever experienced. It transports me from being down to being happy, content and confident again.  

Honestly — it really does!

Once you get over the odd drone tone to Dr. Joe’s meditation voice, the music behind his words amps up 1000% the power of The Morning, Evening and/or Changing Your Beliefs Meditations. I love the short Evening Meditation (which I usually listen to in the morning) although I wish it started a bit softer. It reminds me to take my attention off of identifying myself with the places, times, age, and status that ground me in what is. Freeing my mind from these ID’s virtually  opens my mind to possibilities which are game changers.

Where to Get the App

The app is $11, well worth the cost and is available iYou will find the App (I’m not an affiliate) at  Check Dr. Joe out on YouTube and sign up for his newsletter, and check out other products and classes he has online Try this video out to see if you like what he teaches before buying the app if you need to be convinced.


You can also get a CD from Hay House via Amazon here although I haven’t listened to it by going this route. See below for a link to Amazon. 

New Officiant Training a Flop or Not?

As many of you know, I’ve been working to improve my services and also offer new officiants some of the wisdom and knowledge (two different things!) I’ve garnered over the 28 years I’ve been leading wedding ceremonies. I believe I have a lot to offer AND times have changed. So I’ve learned a lot and definitely upped my own ceremony as a result. The Program is called Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep Program

All the Promises

When I first approached starting an online business I was excited by all the promises of being able to make sales while I was sleeping and how easy it would be to reach people all over the country. Like marriage, if you knew how hard it would actually be, maybe some of you wouldn’t have entered it. That’s the question I ask myself about building an online course.

This process has not been easy at all. Often it isn’t anywhere near as fun as leading a wedding ceremony and fun is something I want more of! I’m still tweaking and building and learning. Whether going online is the end game for the guidance I was sure came from God or not, at some point I’ll understand what it’s all been for.

Now for the upside. I knew I needed a teacher to help me overcome inner and outer obstacles. I found an online My favorite things podcastinstructor who hands down made a huge difference in my journey.  She taught me how to market when I was floundering hopelessly in “why isn’t this working?” Michelle L Evans worked as head of Marketing for Microsoft for 13 years before starting her own business. From the beginning, her emails, her podcast “The Marketing Funnel Show” and the course, “Build Your Funnel Bootcamp” I finally invested in, she’s hands down the best because she’s the most hands on online teacher and coach I’ve ever met. 

Other courses I’ve taken meant I had to compete with tons of other students for attention and advice. Michelle somehow manages to communicate with all of us, from Voxing to private Facebook group responses to emails. Plus her information and wisdom is amazing. She helped me find my own voice, understand the people I want to help, and challenge my fears.

If you’re an entrepreneur or thinking of starting an online business yourself, PLEASE do yourself a favor. Check her out wherever you find your podcasts and visit her website Michelle L. Evans.

Great High Quality Photos

Last but not least and I’ll make this one quick – If you create documents that need great free photos, try The photos are high quality, and have absolutely no hidden licenses or royalties and they don’t even insist that the photographers be acknowledged. But the photos are top notch so give them a try. You might never need to graduate to Getty or Stock photos!

Now that we’re headed to 2019 together, I hope you’ll check out these favorite things. I’d love to hear what yours are. So tell me!! Leave your comment below and others can see what other great stuff fellow couples have found.

May my favorite things  help you bring the dreams in your mind into what matters throughout your day to day life.

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Here’s the link to Dr. Joe’s meditation CD.


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