Defining Wedding Vows

Since everyone who comes to me will be exchanging wedding vows, let’s define”vow”. I looked in Webster’s online dictionary and this is what came up: a solemn promise. A set of such promises committing one to a prescribed role, calling, or course of action, typically to marriage or a monastic career.

Such a definition isn’t unexpected. Some couples exchange wedding vows that are like love letters or rampages of appreciation. I have no problem with this and it is also important to include the promises that are being made to one another.

I came across a wedding writer, named Marie Kay. lists three books of hers written to help create vows, chose readings and planning weddings. I took a look into the book on vows, called 50 New & Traditional Wedding Vow Examples: plus How to Write Your Own Vows: 10 Guides. I came across a few new wedding vows that I am going to share with you below. Both are a bit long than what couple’s usually choose, but I liked their contemporary nature. Both of these vows will be added to the packet of selections I offer my couples. While the majority of couples use the traditional wedding vows, having options is always preferable to none at all.

Questions for you

Would you consider using them? I am curious:  what is making so many contemporary couples choose traditional vows? I’d love to hear any of your comments on these vows.

Thank you, Marie Kay.

New Vows #1

Today I promise to be your loving husband/wife.

I vow to be your strength, your companion and your true love.

But today, I also promise to do much to make this vow remembered as the years go by…

I promise to appreciate all you do, and to tell you often.

I promise to tell you what you mean to me.

I promise to always kiss you goodnight, and never to go to bed without resolving a hurt.

I promise to make time for just the two of us, no matter how hectic life gets.

I promise to hold your heart as my most valued charge, because today I honor that you’ve given it to me.

And because now our hearts belong to each other, I will cherish yours, and remember my promises with this ring, as a symbol of everything I’ve said.


New Vows #2

You are my most cherished friend, my dearest friend, and my truest friend.

Today we become the most committed of friends.

Though we’re imperfect, our love is perfectly steadfast.

Though the world gives us trials, my vow to you, is to give us devotion,

And to care for our marriage as dearly as I care for myself.

It is not to put you above me or below me, but to make “us” the first priority.

You are the match for me that I always longed for.

You are my dream come true.

I promise to honor you for this, all the days of my life.