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On your wedding day, having an officiant with some flexibility and open-mindedness so that they’ll meet you where you are is important to having a fabulous experience you’ll remember forever. 

Here’s our #3 question of 10 in our series of questions you should ask a potential officiant instead of only ask “how much do you charge?’


This is the first time you’ve looked for an officiant, right?

Because you’ve probably never searched for an officiant before, take to your officiant interview a set of questions that ask more than “how much do you charge?” In depth questions will help you figure out if this person is the right one for you or not.


Start here with officiant flexibility facts

Here’s a fact:  Your wedding ceremony is the beginning of your life together as a married couple AND is also the event that sets the tone for the rest of your day of celebration. Don’t you want it to be led by someone you connect with?

Most couples only know to ask how much an officiant’s services cost. But this is so limiting ad doesn’t really give you the kind of information that helps you get the feel and meaning you hope to inspire you and your guests.

So, this is the #3 question you can pose to your potential leader (out of 10):


How flexible are you?

Flexibility question marks

This question is important because there are officiants who have a theology or system of beliefs that are important to them. This means they’re open to attracting a certain kind of couple and not others. 

They’re flexible within their own system or preferences. But not within others. 

For example, there are many officiants who will only do a religious ceremony. In some shape or form Jesus, Buddha, Allah or whom or whatever their preference is must be included.

There are officiants who won’t make a peep about God, Spirit or any-Thing.

OR is this person flexible enough to incorporate what matters to you whether it’s her or his preference or not?

If this is important to you, this is #1 on our list of 10 questions to ask an officiant, so is perfectly in line with hiring an officiant who is right for you.



Flexibility Markers

Other things you may want to find out about an officiant’s flexibility is if s/he is open to

  • Humor
  • Reverence
  • Alternative seating (for example, a ceremony in the round instead of theater style)
  • Pre-marital counseling or coaching requirements
  • Including children, pets or zombies in the ceremony
  • Time frames

Determine if this is an officiant with the kind of flexibility you need. What are his/her red lines? If what matters to you is reflected in their flexibility, you’ve met your match!


Download the entire list of questions to ask your officiant by clicking this >>> 10 ?’s to Ask a Potential Officiant <<< link. 


Contact me if you’d like to ask me your queries. I’m prepared to answer any and all of them. And be ready for some excellent responses because hey, I’m flexible!

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Rev Crystal Y, professional flexible officiant

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