Perfectly Fitting Ceremonies

“Thank you for giving us such a wonderful wedding! We thought, at first, that we just wanted some quick, blah ceremony. We were, in fact, disappointed that we couldn’t just go to the courthouse! As our plans changed, we discovered you. Your words were powerful and so perfectly fitting! We both shed tears, and realized the true meaning of a legal and lifelong commitment.” Kellie and Barbara

Perfectly Fitting Ceremonies

The email above came a few days ago from a couple I recently officiated for.

It’s very gratifying for me to know the ceremony I’ve tweaked over the past two years is one of the best I’ve ever done. I’ve been officiating for over 30  years, so staying fresh is necessary for my sanity!

Searching for new ideas

That’s why I’m always looking for new ideas. 

My couples are often one of the best resources!

Then a few years ago I found a book called “Best Ceremony Ever” by Christopher Shelley. Sometimes I was much too Perfectly suitedserious. His ideas often showed a sense of humor. I tried a few of them and they worked!

Laughter. Relief!

Imagination is an important super power all of us have. And this book has helped me add interest and connection in my ceremonies so my super power comes to the fore. Best Ceremony Ever has led me to deliver more and more ceremonies that are “perfectly fitting.”

Best Ceremony Ever

If you know someone who’s looking for ideas for their ceremony, I highly recommend passing this information and link (I’m an Amazon affiliate) on to them. Ceremonies do NOT have to be boring. Even traditional ceremonies can have elements of surprise and delight.

All my wedding couples now have the option of being inspired by Chris’s Moment of Zen.

My couple above had the Moment of Zen. I’m sure it’s one of the elements in their elopement ceremony that made them say their nuptials were “perfectly fitting.”

“Feel what it’s like to be surrounded by people, here and online, who only want the best for you.”

In this New Year, I hope you’re safe and feel cared for. If you’re looking for an officiant for your big or small, but always safe ceremony, I’m more than happy to use my super power of imagination alive and well on your behalf.  Contact me and we’ll set up an exchange of ideas, needs and dream wedding ceremony.

In the meantime, may 2021 be full of perfectly fitting experiences of love, connection and peace.


Perfectly fitting

Rev. Crystal Yarlott, Officiant
Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants


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