Part 3 –What Does Prayer Have to do with Marriage?

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How is prayer related to weddings? Or related to getting married? Is there something about prayer that can help you now that you are married? And help in a way that is not religious but is spiritual AND reverent?

As you approach your wedding day there are a million thoughts (at least) that come up. Thoughts like “what was it the DJ said about what time she would get there?” to “am I making a mistake getting married right now?” “I wish my fiance’s mother would butt out.”

Or if you are married, you may thing, “Being married is so great. But he isn’t taking responsibility for cleaning the house like I thought he would.” Perhaps you have a heart-pounding fear that you have made the worse mistake of your life, or you wish he or she would act like they did before you got married. How could you have missed seeing what flirts he or she is?

Whatever your question or issue, I am offering to sit with my couple’s (past and present) names in hand, and hold the truth for them that the stream of well-being is there for them. That whatever is going on, whatever the myriad of concerns may be that they have, there is a spiritual reality available and there is a spiritual solution for them. All is well. All is working out for them. Love is real.

And in knowing this, that I am standing in and holding to the truth for them, wonderful things can and do happen.

My point is, if you are like me, let’s not throw the idea of tuning into the power of the great, loving spiritual reality that moves in and through all life just because we equate prayer with religion.

Let’s re-examine the concept of prayer, and make it our own. Let’s call prayer the way we get “In the Flow.” Let’s allow that baby of prayer grow up to be something powerful and wise that surrounds your wedding, is active in your relationship, and useful in your life.

I have developed a spiritual program for current and former couples. The process is an indepth exploration that helps couples

  • Acquire effective interpersonal tools to build on the strengths that make you a great couple.
  • Develop strategies to break through the top stresses in a marriage. Health, prosperity and over-all feelings of well-being are consistent in your life together.
  • Find balance and harmony within yourself, and so, with each other

This program teaches and/or supports meditation and getting In The Flow as ways to move forward as a couple. What this program is NOT is psychotherapy. It is NOT past-life regression. It is about the now moment.

The program is called Growing Your Great Relationship into a Fabulous Marriage. Contact me to find out more about this program. I will help you recognize and engage the flow of well-being. You have been brought together for a reason. I believe this program can help reveal and unfold the reason love has enticed you, seduced you into committing to marriage.

Whether or not this program is for you, you have within you a great and loving power that helps you no matter where you have been, done or not done. Prayer is a way to communicate with the deepest, more powerful part of yourself. I hope you will make a new discovery of the power of prayer, defined by today.

May love flow through you and bring you the miracle of awareness.