Questions of Relationship

Do you have questions about your relationship? Are you afraid to bring those questions up for fear of damaging your relationship? Most of us agree that falling in love is a glorious experience. Staying in love and nurturing love over the years is a spiritual art form. True love can grow into something more powerful and wonderful than a new couple can imagine. Isn’t it better to find out now what works and what doesn’t work, than end up in divorce? Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants may be able to help.

Love is an Art Form

Love as an art form is made more beautiful when unspoken expectations are brought to the open and discussed. Think you aren’t making any assumptions? We humans have many layers of experiences and ideas, beliefs and desires. All of these can blind us to the fact others don’t think like us, especially as years of familiarity in marriage uncover those layers. How could anyone learn them all in a year’s time, even five years? To assume your mate has the same values and beliefs truly fulfills the old adage that they make “an ass of u and me”. For real.

Spiritual pre-marital counseling can support your desire to have a long-lasting and healthy relationship. I (Rev. Crystal) am a seminary-trained minister. I have counseling training and years of experience to help you voice your questions of relationship. I invite you to give counseling a try. The fee is $45/hour. We can counsel via Skype and FaceTime. Counseling is more effective if we begin at least three months in advance of your wedding date although I prefer to begin six months before the big day.

Workbook Sampling

This post begins a series of blogs called Questions of Relationship. These 12 questions are a sampling of discussion starters that come from the workbook by the same name. The actual workbook contains 100. I provide the entire workbook by request as a pdf file to my couples. Others who may be interested in the workbook can order it from me for $20 which includes shipping and handling or delivery via email.

The workbook was written by Unity minister, Rev. Jim Fisher. Thank you Jim. Thank you Unity World Wide Ministries.  Rev. Jim wrote,

This workbook offers an opportunity for two people who are serious about a committed relationship to share deeply about matters that will affect their lives together in important ways.”

Priceless Gift of Honesty

Directions: Take one question at a time. Sit alone and answer the questions of relationship with what first comes to your mind. If you temper your answers by guessing what your mate wants to hear, you miss the point of having an honest and open relationship that thrives. Again, Rev. Jim: “This is not a time of compromise…You are giving your partner and yourself the priceless gift of honesty. Is this not the best time to find out if there are some differences in perspective and preference to be worked out?”

Then come together with your partner and discuss your answer.

Questions? Problems? Contact me through the website’s form or called me at 231.938.1683.  We will set up an appointment. An additional resource is Don’t You Get Married Until You Read This! The Book of Questions for Couplesby Corey Donaldsonis

High Hopes

My hope is that by undertaking this process of questions of relationship that you bring to light points of harmony AND of conflict. By getting agreements in the open, they can be built upon. If a troubling difference in understanding is encountered, the issue can be discussed before it becomes a problem.  This work is a Key to Love, and “is more than worth the effort.” Good luck!

Our first in this series of questions of relationship is:


How will your relationship change should you become married from what it is now? Consider physical, mental and spiritual aspects.