Winter ceremonies up north with Emily and JeffDownstate and local couples love to have their wedding ceremonies up north. It’s such a beautiful area rich with vineyards, beaches, forests and lovely venues. We know you’ll always remember your wedding ceremony in northern Michigan as one of the happiest days of your life. To honor you, we create a customized, heart-warming and  memorable ceremony for you.

We travel in an expansive five-county region in the Northwest corner of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. This includes Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Emmet, Grand Traverse. Also Kalkaska and Leelanau counties. Favorite cities and towns for weddings are Traverse City, Glen Arbor, Frankfort, Elk Rapids. Leland, Suttons Bay, Northport, Petoskey, Harbor Springs and Charlevoix, too.

Q – How much do you charge?
A – Prices depend on the services required to make your ceremony as wonderful as you want it to be. Cost also depends on the location where your ceremony takes place. Prices don’t change depending on how big or small your guest list is. Generally, the range is $350 for a wedding before 2:00 on weekends, to $1000 for a fully personalized and original ceremony. You may qualify for a discount. I’m willing to work with you to provide the best options and give you the ceremony you’ll love so much you can hardly stand it!  Ask me any questions you may have with no obligation. Contact me today through our Contact form.

See the Benefits of Working with Reverend Crystal so you know the extra care and services which are available to you for the price you pay. Reverend Eileen and Reverend Kelly’s fees are similar. Their fees should be discussed directly with them. Your specific request for them will be forwarded on to them from our Traverse City Wedding organizer.

Winter (December 1  through April 1) weddings:  $300.00 in Grand Traverse County. There is an additional fee for rehearsals.  Trips downstate or to Mackinac Island would be individually priced.

Q – How long does the ceremony last?

A – The basic ceremony up north normally last about fifteen minutes. However, depending upon the number of attendants you have, the special ceremonies and readings you chose to add, any special music which is played during the ceremony, etc. will lengthen the time of your event. Generally, most weddings with 3-6 attendants are complete in about 25-30 minutes from the time the bride and groom enter and they and the wedding party exit the ceremony.

Q – How do we get our marriage license?

A- If either the bride or groom lives in Michigan, their marriage license can be obtained at the County Clerk’s office in the county in which they live. The marriage license may be used anywhere in Michigan.

If the bride and groom both are out-of-state residents, their marriage license must be obtained in the county where the ceremony is to take place. Some counties will allow a bride and groom to apply for a license over the internet, but other counties have restrictions that mean the license has to be applied for in person. There is a three-day waiting period after making application. Then your ceremony must take place within thirty days. Most County Clerk’s offices will waive the three-day waiting period for out-of-state couples. You need to check with that particular county about their requirements.

NOTE:  Ask your County Clerk if they require your license to be certified in order for the bride to change her name on legal documents.

Q – Can we use our own ceremony?
A – Your wedding is about you and what is important to you. Our wedding officiants have a ceremony they usually use since they have “tweaked” it over the years and are comfortable with it. However, your choices help to make it reflect what you value most. My colleagues and I are very open to incorporating your preferences.

Q – Do you require pre-marital counseling, or meeting with us prior to the ceremony?
A – Premarital counseling is not required in order to be married by any of our wedding officiants. However Rev. Crystal has a fabulous program you can experience as part of the Extraordinary Wedding package. It will help prepare you for marriage and add to the insights you have about one another so you can continue to grow together year after year. I can meet with you in person before your wedding day. If you aren’t able to meet in person, I’ll plan with you via FaceTime, Skype or iChat.

Q – What if we have to cancel your services after we’ve booked them?
A – Michigan law states that a retainer (deposit) given to secure a service is not refundable, unless the vendor is not able to provide the services contracted for. Rev. Kelly and Rev. Crystal require a non-refundable $100-$150 deposit within ten days from the time of reserving your date with us. The balance is due one week before any of our ceremonies up north. Also, refund policies must be discussed with any of our ministers who may be referred to you through Northern Michigan Officiants.

Q – Do you require a contract?
A – The confirmation letter Rev Crystal provides acts as your contract. When you send your deposit check, please sign the bottom of the confirmation letter signifying you have read the letter and understand the terms. Rev. Kelly’s process is individual to him as is Rev. Eileen’s.

Q – What do you normally wear for weddings?

A – The women normally wear a simple, classic dress. Rev. Kelly wears a suit and hat for his ceremonies up north.


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