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Helping Your Officiant Expand Her or His Knowledge so the One Your Trust to Lead Your Ceremony is Truly Confident, Clear and Prepared

Have you asked your friend or family member to officiate for your wedding?

You may think they feel confident but from the feedback I get, and from the ordaining organization websites I visit, a majority of new officiants are honored but are really not sure what they’re getting themselves into.

So don’t just invite your friend to officiate, support them by giving them the gift of preparation.  Get your Officiant not only ordained, but trained.

Even experienced public speakers benefit from tips and resources that improve their ability to run a wedding ceremony and gain greater confidence.

With I DO, Wedding Officiant Training, you’ll

– Take your skills from awkward to awesome.

– Be prepared and gain confidence.

– Deliver a ceremony that your loved ones are thrilled with, and you’re proud of.

Have you asked your friend or family member to officiate for your wedding?

The reality is many new officiants are really left in the dark. You may THINK they are prepared, but from the feedback I get and read about on ordaining websites, new officiants feel compromised and lacking resources to do the great job for you they want to. 

Give them not only your confidence in them, but your support. Help them get some training. Check out the details of the Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep Program here

Get tips and techniques for new Officiants on our Private Facebook Group. You can apply by clicking here.

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