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Check out this vimeo of excerpts from a wedding Rev. Crystal performed for Arieanna and Gannon in 2016.

You probably waited a long time, and kissed a lot of frogs or frogettes before you finally found each other. Your wedding ceremony can be a celebration of your journey, your happiness and imagining the future that is unfolding in front of you.  My goal is to convey the uniqueness of who you are as a couple through the tradition of the marriage ceremony.  Your ceremony won’t be like anyone else’s, because the two of you aren’t like anyone else.”     Rev. Crystal

Rev. Crystal Yarlott is a non-denominational minister, ordained in 1989 by the Unity School of Christianity.  She retiredJaime, Jacob and I laughing from church ministry in 2011. “I was never much of a joiner and churches depend on people joining them to keep the doors open. I was out of integrity by trying to talk people into membership, and fundraising just wasn’t my thing. But church allowed me to find what I am good at, and that’s creating ceremony and ritual. Life is too short to not enjoy it. These days I focus on doing fun things but that are also meaningful and inspiring. Weddings are the perfect work for me, as is teaching relationship building.”

Dedicated Wedding Minister

“I’ve been doing weddings since I was ordained in 1990 from seminary. Over the years I’ve discovered what works for couples and what doesn’t. What’s relevant and helpful to each couple is different. I like the challenge of creating something that reflects their uniqueness because I learn about love because of them.

“I’ve honed my skills so my ceremonies are very personal. I talk directly to my couples without referring a lot to a script. From the reviews and direct feedback I get, people are truly grateful their ceremony was so personal and warm-hearted. Because I take time with my couples and use a unique process no one else does, I’ve learned how to translate my couple’s values into a unique and meaningful ceremony.”

Rev. Crystal receives many enthusiastic reviews that her couple’s family and friends were inspired by their ceremony, too.

Wild Child

“In the ’70’s, I was a wild child, a risk taker. I love freedom. But I also value accountability. When I hitch-hiked three times across the country I never worried because I felt connected to a spiritual presence that I listened to. I knew when to stick my thumb out and when to ignore or walk away from a ride. I took my Gibson acoustic guitar and my very beloved dog-companion, Wanda June with me everywhere. I learned so much and still have friends from my hippie days.”

Her hitchhiking days are over though. “But I still love having the freedom to choose AND be part of setting new standards of what is possible in life. I don’t believe we are here on this earth to suffer, nor to ‘learn lessons’ to make up for something in our past. We have so much potential, and have barely scratched the surface. I hope to be an example of the power of our spiritual connection to my couples and in life.

“My ‘claims to fame’ are that I saw live, in concert the rock ‘n roll and folk greats, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, The Band and John Lennon & Yoko Ono (to name a few).”


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