Seeing Eye to Eye

There is a way

Seeing Eye to eye to the moment of truth

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Yep, there IS a way of seeing eye to eye with the people who have their own hopes and dreams for your special day. When your hopes and theirs don’t blend well, there are ways to smooth the wedding planning process.

From the day you break the good news, “We’re getting married,” to the day you wave good-bye to take time for just the two of you, harmony can prevail. Conflict can be effectively managed and transformed.

Seeing eye to eye

…Boils down to YOUR clarity and YOUR compassion. (We can never control another person’s perceptions, only our own).

Need ideas for this easier said than done talent? Download the PDF and you’ll find perspectives that can make your planning easier.

You CAN navigate the differences between yourself and the ones who may hold the purse strings to your wedding. 

Click the link for your copy of 5 Pointers to Seeing Eye to Eye with the Ones Financing Your Wedding. 

Financing Your Wedding

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The truth is, if you battle the same way you always have with your Mom or Dad or whomever holds the purse strings, you’ll probably end up being frustrated in exactly the same ways.

Learn to Prevent instead of  Reinvent

These tactics and tips — give them a try! What do you have to lose? Just peace of mind! By taking into consideration the tips from the PDF, you’ll save yourself time. It’s easier to prevent something from going wrong than to make up for it AFTER things have taken a turn for the worst. 

We can help smooth the choppy waters

Contact us at Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants for how we can help smooth the choppy waters with you and yours. You CAN have the wedding ceremony that suits you perfectly even when you aren’t the one who’s financing your wedding. 


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