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The trend is simple ceremonies

“We just want something short and simple,” is the answer to my question, “What type of ceremony are you looking for?” I receive more often these days.

There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, even if it’s motivated by being shy, nervous or linking the concept of simple to affordable.

What my task is as an officiant is to understand and define what simple means to you, so that short, sweet, simple, or to the point, doesn’t devolve into boring.



Consider these three points

  1. People come from far away to not only celebrate, but also to witness the commitment you’re making to each other. When a ceremony is so simple it’s over in five minutes, people feel cheated at worst, disappointed at best. Even though you may feel relieved the public part is mostly over, I also believe you’ll regret that simple was allowed to be hasty.
  2. Marriage is a big commitment even though it’s romantic and exciting and seems like an easy thing to do. While it may be hard to really imagine what being together for twenty-five or fifty years will be like, most people go into marriage and vow to be together until deat
    Magical wedding ceremony

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    h do you part in one way or another. To gloss over this life-long pledge makes simple into shallow.
  3. Your commitment to one another is marked by more than the party of dancing, drinking, eating and conversation. Friends and family gift you their presence in order to honor the internal bond of your hearts through the words and actions in the ceremony. When you let your officiant add a touch here and there, simple becomes meaningful, inspirational and even magical.


Okay maybe there’s a fourth point. If simple means being able to avoid being preached to or enduring stodginess for a long period of time, you may need to ask some very direct questions of your officiant. Check out my interview suggestions of the questions you can ask a potential officiant.  


Simple as meaningful

Let’s replace the word simple with meaningful. Because meaningful can be fun, interesting, creative, traditional or inventive. You and your officiant can take simple elements and let your imaginations add bells and whistles in tasteful ways to reveal the depth and breadth of the commitment to love one another you’re making. 


When the world as we knew it walked down the hall into history

When the pandemic hit, and the world as we knew it walked down the hall into history, it took a while to grasp what it all meant. Disastrous consequences barged in hour after hour on TV, social media and radio. We were continually shocked by what was happening. Simple by any definition would have been welcomed.



We just want to elope

No engaged couples called for about a month. Eventually a few who’d booked their ceremony before the pandemic called to reschedule for 2021. 

When we started to make our way through our collective shock, new couples started to call. Brides or grooms informed me, “We just want something very simple.” 

September weddingThe kinds of ceremonies I then created switched from being a detailed revelation of their love story, character and values to simple statements. Stories became no frill installments of simple and sweet details.

And here’s the welcome truth:  I LOVE THE NEW SIMPLE STYLE CEREMONY.



Simple is bright, charming, truthful

It’s bright, charming, poignant, gracious, and true of every couple there ever was. This new simple ritual doesn’t take hours and hours of reworking to get it just right.



A few sentences

Just like ceremonies used to be a fun and detailed story of my couple’s journey into love, now, a few sentences get to the heart of what their story means. Something new and wonderful has been created to take its place.

For now.

Certain details of an elopement ceremony took place even on a rainy day

Come rain or shine they are joined as wives!

In the process, I’ve become a real fan of the condensed ceremony that’s been named the Minimony. Call it an Elopement ceremony, it doesn’t matter. It’s a simple wedding ceremony that can be held anywhere and everywhere and still pack in the wow factor.

So if you’re looking for simple, sweet, bright, meaningful, charming and innovative way to get married to the one you love the best, give me a call.

May the simple but meaningful ceremony I create for you bring you together in the most beautiful way with your family and friends. Let’s start a conversation about your ceremony and define simple in the way that truly honors the love you’ve found. Contact me by clicking this link.




Rev Crystal

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You’ll be very pleased, I guarantee.  




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