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Besides being asked what my fee is to officiate a wedding, the second comment I receive most is, “I just want a short and simple ceremony.”

Which leads me to ask, “What do you mean by short and simple?”


Defining sweet, short and simple

Wedding ceremonies for someone who comes from a traditional background, short and sweet could mean one hour and lots of references to Lord. That’s because traditionally led wedding ceremonies can last several hours and are sometimes designed to be testimonials to a particular theology.

For the people who spend a lot of time on their computer, this couple is geared to quick, immediate results. This person defines short as five to ten minutes. 

In general, today’s wedding ceremony lasts from 10 to 20 minutes. If you include a large number of attendants, then short and simple can become 20-30 minutes by the time everyone in the wedding party  enters and exits.

Sweet? That’s simple to define. It’s romantic.


The challenge to add meaning to your ceremony 

Which leads me to wonder whether there’s enough meaning in the content of a simple and short ceremony. Because it takes more than a few words for a wedding address to be meaningful. 

And not be preachy. That’s one of the issues wedding officiants face.

That challenge is met by an appropriate portrayal of your love story. Not every detail, but some of the strong and sweet elements of your coming together. 


Enter the love story

The experiences and events that have led to the two of you to make your commitment to each other is central to a simple ceremony having meaning. How you met, dated and rose in love is an experience almost every person on the planet can relate to. It’s being able to convey how your relationship developed from dating to marrying that gives a ceremony meaning. 


Without getting wordy, being preachy or bypass meaning altogether really boils down to the light touch and ways to let people in on the unknown story of  YOU. 

Because you will be the reason people are at your ceremony in the first place. We also don’t want them to travel for two hours just to standup, sit down and clap, amen. Tell me if I’m wrong about this.


A new focus for the short and sweet ceremony

My experience is most people know how you met. The way the proposal took place is a story they may have heard a few times already. Do they need to hear it again in your ceremony? It may be a nice touch, but the reality is, been there, done that.

To uncover the wonder of what made the two of you willing to say “I do”, is what makes my work so interesting. So I have created a fun and collaborative interview process that helps me make your ceremony unique to you.

As we enter 2022, my pledge is to not say more than is necessary. I will make whatever style ceremony you are looking for, whether it’s short, long, spiritual, secular or religious, meaningful.

short and sweet ceremony

Meaningful because your ceremony can take place on your favorite beach

In your ceremony, the story of the two of you is the centerpiece of the inspiration. Be assured of this:  your short and simple ceremony won’t be too much, nor too little


Mutual gift giving

When the two of you stand in front of your guests, you remind them of how fun and wonderful it is to have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s your gift to your guests. 

Your guests’ presence in turn tells you they are there because they love you and only want the best for you. This is their gift to you.

My gift to my couples is to understand who you are and convey that understanding in the most meaningful, fun, short and simple way.



Interested in a short and simple ceremony? If this is your desire, we really should have a conversation! Please contact me by filling out the Contact Us form. I’d love to hear from you  😀 !


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