Your love for one another taps you into your sixth sense.

What brings your Sixth Sense Front and Center?

You have experienced it – there is power in love. Love is spiritual in nature. Fully loving another human being brings this powerful sixth sense front and center.

Loving makes you feel good down into your bones. Colors look brighter, you notice pretty things with more delight, your favorite sports team’s wins seem more fantastic – you like your cat even more than before. Love opens your senses down to your neurons and cell receptors to new perceptions. Love essentially re-paves the way to your natural, loving state of being.

You are able to touch, see, hear, smell and taste more intensely because you have opened yourself to the presence of your sixth sense, within yourself.

Nose to the Grindstone

Previously this sixth sense stayed in the background because you had your nose to the grindstone. The proverbial career advancement track. Or you were paying more attention to the challenges and effects of life rather than the love within you.

When we put our focus on the appearances and dramas of life around us, we train our senses to pay attention to experiences other than the natural impulses of love. (Note: I use the words sixth sense spiritual and love interchangeably because I believe they are the same thing.)

Sixth Sense is always available

Even when we are stressed and feeling out of sorts, the sixth sense of love is always available. When you are with your partner your allow yourself to tap into the love that hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s just been glossed over in favor or Fat Tuesday. Or Black Friday. Or what is it called when there’s one basketball game after the other? Anyway, whether it’s the way your partner laughs at your jokes, understands your frustrations, enjoys the same music, is kind to the elderly, stands by your side, or rescues you from an uncomfortable conversation with your drunk uncle, a connection is made between the two of you. That connection essentially reopens the pathway in your brain that allows the power of love to be experienced again.

Returning to the Natural Course

I think of how we get on and off the path of love is like letting a stream return to its natural course. A case in point: When a group of congregants and I took on the task of cleaning up a portion of a river that surrounded a park in Marietta, GA, we learned how strong nature is. To make the park bigger, engineers had rerouted the river around the perimeter of the park. But every time it rained, the river overflowed its red clay banks. And what path did it overflow to? Back to the stream’s original pathway. The power of the water, even though it was a small stream, bit by bit was re-carving out the surrounding banks so it could return to running through the middle of the park as it was intended to do. It was as if the stream had its own intelligence, it’s own team of engineers that overrode human intervention. (Humans always think they can do to nature what they like but how is that working for us????)

Likewise, conditioning and modeling by other people can sometimes act like the engineers who tried to amend the stream’s natural meandering. Our interactions with people and navigating life’s events can temporarily route us away from our true nature, too, which is to love and be loved. To go with the flow.

When we meet a person who inspires us to love, it’s like a flood of energy that puts us back on course to who we really are. We overflow the banks of our frustration, anger or isolation. And every time we are with them, we begin to chip away at the experiences that our perspective or conditioning convinced us was more real than the presence of love within us.

Cooperating with Who You Really Are

So whenever you love, and return to your natural state of loving and being loved, you begin to cooperate with who you really are. You operate from your sixth sense. From your spiritual center. From a higher level of awareness than any problem you may have. Love is “cause” where so much more is possible, and out of effect, which is limited and changeable.

Being married to a person who encourages you to be who you really are, and holds the vision for you to do so, is a gift. Your partner is someone who takes a stand that you are a worthy, wonderful person, full of love to give and the ability to receive love.

Marriage is not just about being loved, about finally finding that person who “gets” you. Although marriage is about being understood, it is about giving love, not just getting. Marriage is tuning yourself to your sixth sense. You can become more and more yourself as time goes by.

Strengthening the Bond Between You

Your journey over the years strengthens the bond between you. Not because your spouse laughs at your jokes or cheers the same sports team, but because you encourage one another to be in touch with your own sixth sense. Once you are in touch with your true self, there is nothing that can stop you handling and enjoying your life, and effectively negotiating what matters most to you.

Never Take Your Relationship For Granted

Advice? Never ever take your relationship for granted. Truly, you are a gift to one another. But also never make your partner responsible for keeping you connected to your sixth sense. When you need him or her to be a certain way, you are making your partner responsible for your connection to love. That’s too much responsibility for anyone to bear for another. Only you can find, keep and nurture your connection. Marriage partners help through encouragement. Through allowing yourself the freedom to love and be loved. But your spouse is not responsible for your happiness and contentment. Being a conduit for the love that is greater than what you now know, is responsible.

Loving in this way is the journey. None of us has it all together. Although more and more people are choosing to seek their oneness with their spiritual Self, and use their sixth sense, it is a process. If you find yourself getting tense and on edge, of not being so loving, give yourself a break. Don’t be hard on yourself. This is school. The school of unconditional love and joy. Marriage is a major player in the school of love. Enjoy it as much as you can. Don’t be too serious. Seriousness is tiring, exhausting. It drains love away.

A Thoughtful Request to the Power That Be

Say a little prayer or make a thoughtful request to the powers that be to help you open up more to the love within you. Ask for guidance to let it flow so you are a conduit for the greatest healing power in the world to express through you. You were not put here on this earth to be totally dependent and lost or so independent you never feel connected to another person. But you were put here to enjoy life and to love and be loved for the fun of it. Love is so much more than we now understand it to be. Open up to it. And you will feel more complete than you ever could imagine.