Take a break from perfection

Break from perfection 

Disconnect from PerfectionI’ve seen it happen too many times:  Brides and Grooms want everything to be perfect.

Then —  they get picky with each other. Demanding or even withdrawn from friends and family. 

They may suffer from DIOMO (Do It on My Own)

Loose sleep and precious time together that they’ll never get back. 

Truthfully, the only thing I know of to avoid wedding planning tension and the stressful disconnect from loving each other is to elope and have a little wedding. But even an elopement must be thought through.

Wedding blues

Oh man, I love weddings, big, small and in between.  And I’m so glad I don’t have to plan them. It would give me the blues because I’d miss ma honey pie puttin’ all those details together!

That’s why you’ll often find me taking a break from perfection. NOT a break from meaning and romance, just being perfect about every little thing that won’t mean diddly squat a few years down the road. 

Officiants have all the fun

Because of the role I get to play, the fun parts are mine to fulfill!

As the Officiant, I get to share how I can help a couple have a fabulous start to their wedding day with an awesome ceremony.

Then I get to know them. I have some great tricks up my sleeve that I use to investigate who these amazing people are, what matters to them and who done what to get them to saying I Do!

Next I put together a great ceremony, check with my couple to make sure I don’t spill the wrong beans or call them nerd when they really would rather be called “The Intelligentia” instead.

walked down the aisle

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

When their day finally comes, I get to deliver sentiments through words on their behalf. Our time comes and I get to lead them in their vows. I get to help them have an Extraordinary Wedding Day!

Two miracles that happen

What’s extraordinary about two people getting married is because at least two miracles have happened. These are important to keep in mind so we can take a break from perfection.

These two are the reasons to keep in heart and mind for The Day.

  1. Two people out of all the billions in the world found each other.
  2. They’ve discovered a depth of love in one another that they’re willing to say forever to. 

I mean I think this is totally awesome.

So isn’t it better to take a break from perfection than keep stressing out on things being perfect? Easier said than done, I admit that. But I believe at the heart of all the stress is a couple worrying more about how they’ll look if things are perfect than if they just focused on love and having fun.

Set of Reminders

To help combat this problem of a disconnect from love, I put together a little set of reminders to help you combat the insanity makers. Instead  avoid these three major disconnects that prevent an extraordinary wedding.

Use these techniques to stay connected with why you found the love you did. Sign up for 3 major disconnects here: 



If you're interested in discovering how I can help you disconnect from perfection, be sure to fill out our Contact Us form. Just a minimum of information is needed to find out more about what I offer and how I can best help you have a truly Extraordinary Wedding day.

Remember, you deserve to be happy. Focus on love because love is what brought you together, not perfection. Whether the napkins were the right color or not won't even be an issue when you're celebrating your love ten years down the road!

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I have 29 years of experience leading wedding ceremonies. Certainly I would LOVE to lead yours! Contact me and let's see if we're a fit! And visit us on Facebook @MichiganWeddingOfficiant

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