When you go to a sports event how many of you get caught up in the energy of the moment? Have you found yourself uncharacteristically screaming at the top of your lungs for the runner to slide into home plate? Or the quarterback to hurry up and pass the football to the running back?

There are no sports genes in my body, and yet I too have found myself caught up at events, waving my hands and getting extremely excited – and that’s NOT my usual MO.

Exciting Situations

Why does this happen? Because you and I – everyone — are energetic beings and when we put ourself in exciting situations, we can pick up and act on the momentum that is all around us. We can’t SEE if, but it is there. We don’t have to be drawn into that energy, but we most certainly CAN get tapped into it.

Sports events, concerts and political rallies are just a few examples of events that have an energy about them, and in fact, leave an energetic signature behind when the event is over. It then merges into the invisible BODY of the event.

A Powerful Energy for Millenniums

The same thing is true of a wedding. Not that you’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs when you exchange your vows, but there is an energy you can tap into. Why? Because people have been getting married for millenniums and the marriage ritual carries an energy. A powerful energy.

But here’s a couple of truths about that energy.

1.     There is a positive and a negative energy you can engage. They are two ends of the same stick. Just like a fan can get positively excited at a sports event and celebrate with laughter, good food or blue faces, a person can also bring with them and / or tap into a destructive energy if they lose. They might break chairs or punch out a door. Parents can be the WORST fans at their kid’s games. Bad juju gets put into the atmosphere and it’s not invigorating. Likewise, in a wedding, there have been huge numbers of successful marriages and there are a huge number of failed marriages. Happy anniversaries and divorces happen.

2.     If you are consciously choosing the energy you are going to tap into, you maximize the energy, either positive or negative, that is there for you.

3.     If you regard the event as something to get over with, you waste the power of the energy that can help you throughout your marriage. It’s like getting the shell of a Porsche without the engine, or getting a Facebook account and losing the password. It’s an empty shell and the fun of driving or the fascination with what everyone is doing is lost.

Establishing YOUR energy, your unique signature so to speak, is what plugs you into and directs all this energy that has been built up and passed along for millenniums. And I believe you are amazing people at your core, and your marriage holds infinite potential for a fabulous life together.

But back to what is available to you.

A Trained Officiant

A trained officiant understands the awesome forces at play in your ceremony. And she or he is (hopefully) trained to acknowledge, direct and affirm who you ARE at your core to merge you with the positive energy that binds you legally but most importantly, spiritually. So choose her or him carefully. Not all officiants are trained nor prepared. You may want to ask your wedding or venue coordinator what he or she has experienced with the untrained officiants.

To help you choose the best officiant for you, I put together a checklist for you to use when interviewing potential officiants. You can download it for free here.

While I hope you and I will mutually decide working together is a good use of the energy available, having the officiant you most …

  • 1.     connect with and come to trust
  • 2.     is most aware and prepared for the power of tapping into the energy available
  • 3.     brings out the best in your vision, your values and beliefs
  • is what’s most important. Whether that person is me or not. Really. This is what I want for you. I will be rooting for your successful marriage from the stands, no matter what.

Remembering your wedding day as a delicious, powerful experience can inspire you throughout your whole life long. You WILL tap into the power of millenniums, so the choice is whether to do it consciously or not. If I can help, please fill out the Contact Us form. Or call me at 231.938.1683. I am happy to answer any questions you have and begin tapping into the energy that is right and perfect for you.


Image courtesy of vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos.net