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So many times necessity is the mother of invention. When Terry began to fail at trying to be everything to everybody, he changed his tune (pun intended of course since Terry is a DJ). He created an effective system that’s made him a top wedding professional in the UK.

New Program for all wedding professionals

Terry is coming out with a new online program for wedding business professionals. Check the course out by clicking this link: Wedding Business Success Course.

In the meantime,  listen to my Facebook Live interview with Terry Lewis in 2020.

To check out and / or purchase his book, The 12 Habits of Successfully Booked Up Wedding Suppliers, click below:

Habit #5

The fifth of Terry’s 12 Habits which is so important to learn:  Articulate Value before Giving a Price

Answer this question too early and there’s a high chance you’ll never hear from your prospect again, but answer that same question after you’ve created the opportunity to explain your value, unique differences and the passion you have for your work and you’ll significantly increase the possibility of converting that prospect into a high paying client.

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