So much to be thankful for

The Things I’m Thankful for as a Wedding Officiant

Life has an interesting way of reminding us to appreciate those things that we sometimes take for granted.

Many years ago, when I first started on this career, I didn’t have money to make my new mortgage payment. I barely had food for myself or my two dogs in my refrigerator. I was too proud to ask my friends or family for help.

I’d just left my church in Atlanta, GA. I foolishly  athought everyone was going to follow me into my new endeavors.

They did not.

Here it comes, the infamous question, “Why me?

There I was, supposedly believing in God and feeling rejected and disconnected.

As I was sitting on the floor with Clarissa, my soul dog in my lap, it occurred to me to give thanks in the situation I found myself in.

Giving Thanks Not FOR but IN

Not be thankful FOR being broke and deject, but IN the midst of these feelings. I couldn’t take my relationship with my Creator for granted. And I had a lot to appreciate despite the fact I felt so lacking. I had a roof over my head, loving pooches, clothes to wear, a car that worked well to drive.

So I began to thank my Creator by appreciating all I had going for me, not least of which was a good mind and a now thankful heart.

I immediately began to feel better.

Out of the blue

Within two days, out of the blue, a fellow minister I’d never met called. He asked if I had a room one of his congregants could live in temporarily while she got situated in Atlanta. She’d be glad to pay me some rent.

Next a temp agency I’d registered with a long time ago called with a job offer to work in a bank in the IT department for 3 months.

Thankfulness:  It’s a powerful energy that works wonders.

Reminded every day

As a business owner, I am reminded every day about the things I am thankful for. Including:

Our Community

Without you…my business doesn’t work.

Thankful for the people I get to be with

I meet the most wonderful people who are going through equally nerve-wracking (all those details to tend to) and joyful experiences. Sometimes a couple wants to overload their ceremony with “stuff.” I help them choose what matters most to them so the ceremony flows and their love story is appropriately told.


When I think about the first couples I worked with had to make a long trip to Traverse City in the middle of the winter to meet with me to plan their summer ceremony. Now we use Facetime or Skype. This technology blows my mind. Imagine having to buy all that gas, arrange schedules, and get dog sitters, just to come north for an hour or two meeting. (Okay, it’s not like people had to travel to the desert with no food or water. This IS Traverse City)

But because Facetime and Skype does exist, we get the benefit of meeting from the comfort of our homes.

From the waist up

Plus, all we have to do is look good from the waist up! There’s been times when I’ve gotten involved in something, looked up the clock and OMG, I get to meet with Bill and Bobby and I’m a mess. Never fear, a smear of make up and change of shirt and I was ready to go


When I graduated from ministerial school options were a little bit different. Not a lot, but it was a few years ago. What I’m grateful for is the continuing education opportunities I’ve had. I’ve learned how to keep connected to my couples with email marketing.

With online writing course, I’ve had opportunities to be more creative.

Through my spiritual practices I’ve found the freedom to loosen up instead of being pious and straight-laced in a ceremony. Because of that education, I create and lead ceremonies that are memorable and receive amazing reviews.

Just this year I officiated for a wonderful couple who were renewing their vows after 40 years of marriage. A few days after I emailed her a copy of their ceremony, she wrote me back, “Our ceremony could not have been more perfect for us, at this time in our lives. A huge thank you for keeping us focused on what is important. We’ll cherish the ceremony and the time you guided us through our vows for many, many years to come.”

The chance to be a business owner

I’ve never been one to be tied down to a place with set hours. When I was in a church, trying to get people in Unity to join was like, well, herding cats. It was stressful for a non-joiner like me yet I loved the principles. Being an officiant gave me the opportunity to be different (Unity is different) be creative in a setting where spirituality was present but not overt. It was the best of all worlds for a freedom seeker like me.

Business ownership isn’t always easy. And overall, I spend far more time working with my couples than I would as an employee, but I love it. I love it because of the freedom I have, getting to be creative, connecting with really awesome couples, their family and friends, and getting to be in absolutely amazing locations. Oh yes, good food too!

Ultimately, you make all of this worthwhile for me. And I wouldn’t choose anything else.

Here’s something just for you

Let us show you how much we care by giving you this Couple Builder Exercise (it’s easily downloaded as a pdf).

In case you find yourself taking each other for granted, give this exercise a go. It’s about energy – and after all – thankfulness IS an energy. Let me know how it works for you. I’d love to hear!

If you’re looking for an excellent officiant who WILL not take you for granted, does her best to GET who you are, I’ll reflect that to the best of my abilities in your all about you wedding ceremony. 

Ready to be Thankful for YOU — Here’s how to Contact me now

Contact Us and tell us what you know, what you don’t know and we’ll create something amazing you’ll remember forever. 

Keep dating

Thankful for you,

Rev. Crystal

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