The New Year Purge

How to Start Your 2021 Wedding Day with Less Anxiety

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You, like every engaged couple, want to have a wonderful, memorable wedding day. Don’t you? Don’t you love knowing your friends and family are going to be together for your most special day? Or that everything, down to the last detail, will go off as planned? But what happens when your hopes and dreams, i.e. wanting the wedding day of your dreams to be totally awesome, turns into unmet expectations, and huge disappointments because of safety protocols, lockdowns and vendor cancellations?

I started 2020 with more couples booked than ever before. You’ve heard this many times I’m sure:  I was poised for a great wedding season. But soon, five of my couples chose to reschedule their wedding into 2021. Two cancelled completely. I could feel their anguish and disappointment. The majority downsized.

What’s a 2021 couple to do?

So now in the new year we have hope for the vaccines. But implementing them is delayed in many areas. People are fighting for their rights to chose their way of life, and hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. What are new couples as well as last year’s rescheduled couples supposed to do?

We all have the instinct to want to share the love we’ve found inside us. We want to celebrate and, if honest, get lots of kudos for the great day we put together for those we love.

The desire to party is stronger than ever

We want to party now more than ever. It’s a fact that we’ve been holding back for a very  long time. We’re in a tug-of-war

tug of war

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between what we saved for and dreamed about AND the need to purge our high expectations in case we’ve gotta limit ourself to only gathering with a few of our besties.

Learning the true value of making your love the most important thing and that there are alternatives, will help you unseat and lessen anxiety.

Part of our New Year is about discarding the old for the new. It is never easy but in the beginning it’s always a pattern of misery. As I said, when 2020 began, I’d booked 10 weddings already – a good start for sure.

As the shock that we were in a pandemic hit home, I quickly asked my couples what they wanted to do. Three decided to go ahead as planned, but downsized their everything, including their guest list. As new couples called me (many because new years purgetheir venues cancelled their booking, or other officiants and minister’s decided not to take the chance of being in public) they too had changed their plans. Weddings took place and people celebrated. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Sign up for a conversation with me to share the plans you’ve already made, any anxieties and hopes.
  2. Check out the Easy Going and Elopement Ceremony packages. Both are easily adaptable to changing circumstances.
  3. I can help prepare you for success OR purge the weight of disappointment regardless of safety protocols. The key is to we adaptable to what’s ahead and focus on what matters most. I surveyed my couple recently to find out how they felt now that they could look back and evaluate it.*

Experienced and Flexible

As an engaged couple, there’s nothing better than letting go of things that make life harder. But this advice has two benefits: I don’t want this year to be a repeat of 2020. So don’t be blindsided by possibilities of the worst, but cautiously approach the best happening. An old saying says, “Trust in God but tie your camel.” The unexpected happens. There’s no controlling it. So no matter what,  plan ahead and hire people to help you who are experienced and flexible. Last year’s couples did.*

There’s no better New Year’s celebration than that. YOU CAN DO THIS!

For other great tips check out our Facebook and Instagram  pages. You’ll be assured we know for sure, your love makes the world a better place. 


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Rev. Crystal Yarlott, Experienced Officiant

* 95% of the respondents said they’d downsized from their original plans. A few said they were going to have another celebration when Covid was handled. But EVERY SINGLE couple admitted the situation forced them to focus on their love for each other. Essentially they purged themselves or regret and anxiety, and focused on what really mattered, and were grateful for their new-found understanding.


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