Contemporary Twists on Traditions

You’ve heard that every couple should have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? Well, The Knot Magazine, Michigan — Fall, 2019, has a fun article about new twists on traditions.

And I’m all in!

Couples don’t HAVE to stick with the super traditional any longer. Creating your own twists on traditions can make your wedding truly one of a kind from start to finish.

A bride’s gown doesn’t have to be a ballgown. I’m not a fan of too sexy, but some brides are all about sexy, and as long as grandma won’t faint, I say go for it. The wedding address (what the minister or officiant conveys about marriage and love and YOU doesn’t have to be boring and the same thing that’s always said. More and more animal lovers are including their fav pets in the ceremony. 

Plus your rings can be twists on traditions. They can be eco friendly by being human-made, diamond rich or one small stone that’s not even a diamond. They’re made of different metals, specially designed for you or a Wal-Mart special. 

Your wedding can totally be an expression of who you are, what matters to you, and the unique way you enjoy your lives together.

Or stay with the traditional, no twists necessary. It’s all good.

The question is how brave are you? How fun loving are you? How creative are you?

Twists on Your Wedding Vows

The same is true for your wedding vows. By far the most popular vows are still the traditional ones. That’s great! I love it. AND I’ve got three contemporary takes on the traditional vows for you to check out. You can find them on my Facebook Wedding page: Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants

Plus there’s a great blog on this website to help you write your own vows if you’re of the mind to put your commitments into your own terms. Guidelines to Write Your Own Wedding Vows.


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Rev Crystal