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Next Steps

Many of you have been waiting on pins and needles to figure out what to do about your wedding.

Should you go ahead as planned?

Would it be wise to postpone until 2021?

Some of you have pared your wedding down and others have had to do the same whether you wanted to or not. Guests have made their own decisions whether they want to make the trip to be there or not. If they’ve decided to not to come I’m sure this isn’t an easy step for them to NOT take.

Interesting and creative times

Whatever YOUR decisions have been, these are interesting times, very trying times, and creative times.

One of the things most of us share in common is our love for animals. Not all. But most of us have a love for animals. 

No worries if you’re not an animal lover. Not everyone can be perfect (LOL).

A few of you probably know that I’m decidedly liberal. 

Some of you share my political and spiritual leanings, and others of you don’t.

Wherever you come from, we have to learn to get along no matter what side of the political/spiritual spectrum you and I shine in. 


I wonder about those who say things like, the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. Scary, yes, but there isn’t a dictator in history who wasn’t brought down by those they resisted. The oppressed eventually erupt, make their way and have their day. Their life.

Communication and compromise are the next steps we have to learn to take. My vet supports people I never could. But I respect her and want to continue our discussions in order to understand.Next steps George Wallace eventually admitted his racism was wrong because he connected with a black man. If transformation can happen to Wallace, it can happen to the one who says Democrats have no right to live.

Tipping points

HOWEVER — There’s no compromising or communicating away racism. Racism is wrong. Black lives matter. And so do other races lives matter, but let’s stay focused. (No pouting please that white people don’t have a movement. Actually they / we do, it’s called the the government.)

The death of George Floyd was the tipping point that has become a turning point. What we do with the anger and fear and rage is our next step. 

Your wedding can play a part in taking the next step. 

You’re getting married in the midst of this cultural change we Americans are going through. In fact, our entire world is going through big changes due to what’s happening in their own backyard. And because they’re watching us. 

The changes before us are going to be tough to transition through, but that we must take the next step and go through them. There isn’t going to be any going back to “the way it was.” A new normal is being created, like it or not. 

This new world is an opportunity for us to be creative in order to put together the kinds of steps we MUST take in order to make the world work for all. To be fair and just like we’ve never been before.

Which is why your getting married is so important. 

Your love makes the world a better place. People need to see and feel — whether in person, streaming online, via video or in the photos they see after your married — that love is still evident in the world. 

So as upset as I am with what’s happening to our country, our freedoms and facing with you the transformation of what we thought could only get better, I feel so honored to be part of your event.

What the two of you have found makes love stand out in a world where you have to stop and wonder if we even know what love is.

When I and your friends and family see you, we KNOW love is real. Kirsti and Trent's perfect wedding ceremony in Leelanau County

You’ll hear this in your ceremony:  Thank you for loving each other.

I mean it. Thank you.

You won’t hear my politics or my spiritual leanings in your ceremony, just in case you were wondering. Nope. My politics may or may not be the next step for you. 


And that’s it. That’s all I wanted to say. 

What do you have to say?


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