Once upon a time, a guy, a pretty nice guy, proposed to me. He was younger than me, and was known for his taking LSD when he was just 12. This fact gave him a wild and crazy aura in an era when wild and crazy was the preferred modus operandi. I remember his great sense of humor which for me has always been one of the most seductive tools a man could employ to get my attention and respect. He didn’t get down on bended knee, but asked the question as we sat around a big round table where he was drinking a beer, and I was picking out a Joan Baez tune on my guitar. It was so long ago that 1) I don’t remember his name and 2) I don’t even remember why we even thought getting married was a good idea. Our courtship was not all that great but we had been friends for a long time. Maybe he was looking for acceptance or legitimacy, I don’t know.

In any event,  I didn’t give an answer right away. Did I want to marry this man, regardless of how funny, tall, lanky and hallucination prone he might be? Forever?

I have Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez to thank for helping me make my decision.

Well, I have Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez to thank for helping me make my decision. Soon after his proposal I had a dream. I was trying on a big white wedding dress that looked like a crown roast. It was very bizarre looking and I felt extremely uncomfortable in it. Suddenly the dressing room was a stage. Lucy and Desi were dancing their way across the stage like vaudeville actors, throwing their hands up in the air as if they were saying “ha cha cha cha.” They were chanting, “we’re getting married, we’re getting married,” in a way that made it obvious that it was all for show. As they danced off the other side of the stage, I woke up. That’s when I knew the proposal was all for show, it was a joke and being married to him, whoever he was, would be very uncomfortable for me.

Later that day, I sat down with him while he again drank a beer, and I said no to his marriage proposal. He actually seemed crushed, and left rather abruptly. I didn’t hear from him again for several years. He was still single, restless, even a little bit wilder. I was single too,  and I liked it that way.

But if you are visiting the Northern Michigan Wedding Officiants website, you are most likely engaged to be married. Many of you presented the marriage proposal to your partner on bended knee, or maybe your to-be spouse had a road sign or the side of a building painted with his or her proposal. I love to hear proposal stories, so if you are of a mind to, please leave a comment that tells the tale of how the one you love asked you, “Will you marry me?”