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Here’s the steps from meeting to planning to your saying “I DO”

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In a nutshell, take these 3 easy steps – 1.  Choose the package that suit you best,  2. Meet and share your preferences; 3. We create and deliver a beautiful ceremony that celebrates your love!

In more detail, 

1. Your Inquiry

2. Our A’s to Your Q’s

We answer whatever questions you may have

3. Information Provided

  • By email, we recommend one or two ceremony packages
  • Offer ballpark figure and payment options

4. 15 Minute chat is scheduled if you’re interested in finding out more

5. Set a date for your decision


6. Confirmation

  • Yay!
  • Contract and planning materials are emailed.
  • Invoice for non-refundable retainer is sent.

7. Retainer paid, your date is on my calendar

8. Planning meeting happens

  • Scheduling link provided so it’s at a time convenient for you
  • Meeting takes about 30-60 minutes — Facetime, Skype, Zoom or Google Meeting
  • We discuss the options you’ve chosen and then I take it from there
  • Plus I get to find out more about you and vice versa. It’s fun!

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walked down the aisle

9. Your ceremony is created

10. Conduct ceremony

  • Arrive 1/2 hour in advance
  • Check in with photographer and sound person if applicable
  • Fill out marriage license
  • Conduct ceremony
  • You, 2 witnesses and myself sign your marriage license

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11. Final steps

  • Leave one signed original with you
  • Take other original(s) with me
  • Make copy(s) for my records
  • Put licenses in the mail the next business day
  • Email final copy of the marriage ceremony to you
  • Donation made to the animal rescue organization


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