#5 — Wedding Package Descriptions

Here’s help to find the right officiant for you by getting a wedding ceremony package description. We offer you #5 in our series on 10 questions to ask potential officiants instead of only asking, “HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE?”

Wedding ceremony package descriptions

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#5 What’s Included In Your Wedding Ceremony Package(S)?

Not all officiants have a written description of their wedding ceremony packages. Professional officiants do, even if those package descriptions aren’t fancy.

Some officiants lead you in saying your vows, and sign your paper work. If this is what you’re looking for, you probably don’t need a package description because you’re looking for a simple ceremony and nothing more.

Short and sweet ceremony

When you’re looking for an officiant to give you more than a 5 to 10-minute ceremony that’s more personal to you, having written package descriptions you can compare as you make your decision is helpful.

Personalized ceremony package descriptions will tell you

Here’s a few examples of questions to ask about what’s included in their packages:

  • What resources does the officiant provide?
  • How much can you be involved in the creative process?
  • Can you contact them anytime you want or need information?
  • Will they come to a rehearsal or not?
  • Will they lead the set up if s/he comes to a rehearsal?
  • Can you review the script beforehand?

When you’re looking for a more personalized ceremony, your officiant should have his or her benefits, responsibilities and processes clearly laid out in a package description they can email you.

Being certain is your friend

Whichever preference you have make sure you’re clear on what you’re getting in exchange for your investment. I love that new ad with Tracy Morgan for Rocket Mortgage.  If you’re not clear what’s dangerous, you can put yourself in big trouble later!

Want to see our wedding package descriptions? Contact us for more info. Download all our hints for getting the best officiant for your ceremony at 10 Questions to Ask

We believe your love makes the world a better place. Our packages will show you how, and what you receive to bring out the best in your love stories. 


wedding ceremony package descriptions

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