Officiants Honoring Their Pets

Changed Life by Your Pet

Here’s an invitation to share the name of an animal who changed your life.

I’ve had many. Like the white dog pictured here. That’s Mugsy. I saw him born, he traveled with me, and put up with me. He and I walked miles and miles and miles together.

is long-tailed fluff ball made my Dad learn to love small dogs.

How about you? What pets made a difference in your life?

I’d love to know the name of the lucky dog or horse, snake or parrot who made you a calmer, gentler, more fun-loving person.

The one who loved you when no one else did. 

That animal who was always glad to see you no matter what.

Or even the cat or llama that ignored you, taught you to let go and let him or her do her thing. Tell me how wonderful it was for you to learn that lesson.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know. Other officiants will be curious, too.

So email me — please!! I’ll put a collage together and post it. Or go ahead and post on our private Facebook group page. What was your beloved pet’s name and if you have a picture, please share it, too.

Get back to our Facebook page here:  Innovative Officiants Facebook.

Let’s remember the animals who changed our life together.


animal who changed my life

RIP Dutch


Crystal, Animal Lover
Professional Officiant

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