Own Your Moment

Too many years ago, the way I wanted to own my moment on my wedding day, was to wear jeans and no veil.

And my bridesmaids would be dressed in the colors of a political movement I supported. But that was again, way back when.

FYI- My folks would have nothing of that plan (they’d have paid the bill) so not only did that design fail, but my boyfriend and I decided NOT to get married period. We’d keep living together. Which, BTW was a much bigger deal back then, than “cohabitating” is today. 

Own Your Moment — What excites YOU?

Own Your MomentDo you want to go as far as I wanted to with politics and odd colors to own your own moment?

Of course not. But yes, you can even go further if you like. 

You, my contemporary couple, truly have the freedom to put together with your Officiant the kind of ceremony that expresses who you are. 

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Short List of Options

Here’s a list of some of your freedoms as a bride:

  • Wear whatever color gown or not gown you want
  • Don a tux, a kilt, a suit, a polo shirt
  • Wear heels or flats or go barefoot
  • Walk down the aisle with or without an escort, a mom, dad, brother, cousin, best friend or pup
  • Have people stand or sit or dance around as you enter
    own your moment

    Wisdom and Doug, stormy day on the Nauticat in the Clinch Park Marina

  • Attendants participate in the ceremony or they stand there dressed up like luscious eye candy
  • Instead of flowers bridesmaids carry puppies up for adoption, groomsmen lead full-grown dogs needing adoption or vice versa
  • Get married on a beach, a boat, in a church, in your backyard
  • Be presented to each other as equals choosing each other or go traditional
  • Have a humorous or a reverent ceremony
  • Mention God or don’t mention a higher power
  • Exchange traditional vows or create totally unique vows you repeat as your officiant guides you or write your own vows
  • Exchange rings or instead, exchange hats, belts, shawls, ribbons or cords
  • Be pronounced hitched or married or husband and wife, man and woman, woman and woman, joined at the hip, independent and free to be as you please with each other, etc.
  • Either of you can change your last name or neither of you do, or create a totally new last name.

This list barely scratches the surface of options available to today’s about-to-be-married couple. You. You can be as different or as traditional as you want to be.

Your Own is Your Choice

walked down the aisle

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going traditional nor is there anything out of place about creating a truly customized ceremony.

Pro’s and Cons

Pro about going traditional as the way to own your moment:  With so much else going on, a ceremony means you have less details to take care, no big decisions to make about process or content.

Con about going traditional: it’s pretty boring and means the party is what matters, not the commitment

Pro about being unique:  Your ceremony become an expression of not only your outer preferences but also your values and ideals.

Con about unique as the way to own your moment:  It takes more time and energy to gather options and put together a plan.

Make sure your Officiant gets YOU

Own Your momentWhether you own your moment by going totally unique, pepper your ceremony with contemporary touches or you stick with traditional, always make sure your Officiant gets you, has the ability to guide you through the parts you don’t know what to do with, and feels like someone you can trust.

To help you find an Officiant who helps you own your moment, get our How to Choose the Right Officiant Checklist so you’ll know what questions to ask your potential officiants.

Even if you don’t choose a Northern Michigan Wedding Officiant, we support you in finding the person who does. Because saying I DO is a big deal. And you need the right officiant to support and lead you when you make that commitment.

BTW: Congrats on finding your life’s partner. That’s awesome!

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Happy for you always!

own your moment

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Rev. Crystal
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